River Rock

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Commonly used for walkways, river bed, and flower beds. Specific types we have available to order:

  • Connecticut River Rock
  • White River Rock
  • New England River Rock
  • Tennessee River Rock
  • North Carolina River Rock
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River Rock is a stunning multi-colored stone that doubles as a beautiful landscaping accent and a durable foundation for walkways, river beds, and flower beds. Our River Rock is perfect for adding style to your outdoor spaces – it’s the ideal choice for any project that needs just the right amount of texture and color. It’s smooth surface will make it comfortable to walk on and its pale yellow, pink, and beige colors ensure it will look incredible while standing out from the green grass.

Strong enough to be used as support underneath foot traffic or as part of a feature wall, our River Rock won’t let you down! Plus, its water drainage capability makes it highly functional in all kinds of landscaped gardens. This natural stone is an incredibly versatile addition to any project, providing an economical way to achieve a unique touch with beautiful results! Add some style and finessed to your next landscaping project with our River Rock.