Lava Rock

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Lava rock is available in three colors; reddish-brown, black, and gray. The minerals present in the rock and the cooling process determine its color. The reddish-brown tint appears only if the iron in the lava begins to oxidize when it is cooling down.

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If you’re looking for an easy, low-maintenance solution to enhance your landscape, Lava Rock is your answer. This beautiful dark-red rock has a unique, eye-catching texture that will turn any outdoor space into a stunning backdrop. Made from igneous rock (volcanic lava), Lava Rock is incredibly resilient and won’t chip or fade like other landscaping rocks.

It also won’t attract pesky bugs. Whether you want to line your walkway, create a border for flower beds, or add dimension to your garden or yard, Lava Rock is the economical choice that you can count on for lasting performance. Install in minutes and enjoy the beauty of this mesmerizing natural stone for years to come.