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Used for lawn/landscape applications and gardening.

Each pallet will have 80 bags weighing 50 lbs each. For multiple truckloads, please call for a custom quote.
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Whether you’re starting a garden or giving your lawn a facelift, our pallet of topsoil bags is the perfect solution! Our topsoil is enriched with compost, which creates exceptional growing conditions for plants and right soil conditions to help ensure optimal health and vigor. With our carefully formulated blend, packed inside the sturdy bags on this pallet, it’s an essential choice for any green thumb or keen landscaper. Plus, it’s easy to spread; just open up the bag and spread it around – simple as that!

Our enriched topsoil will help transform your project into something truly magnificent; use it for planting flowers, vegetables, herbs and trees; adding vital nutrients to your landscape or hardscaping project; improving drainage or buffering against compaction when added over existing soil. So don’t waste time – trust our pallet of topsoil bags to give you everything you need for a beautiful and lush outdoor space that you can be proud of!