Deer Corn

$10.00 per bag

Whole shelled corn. Used for feeding wildlife and farm animals.

If you have a large order, or have custom needs, please contact us for the best pricing!


Our deer corn is the perfect source of protein and minerals for any wild animal or farm animal. Our premium, whole shelled corn is packed with vital nutrients that will keep your wildlife healthy and fed all year. Harvested right here in the United States, our deer corn is the perfect choice for all your feeding needs. Feed your animals like they deserve – with deer corn from us!

Our 100% natural deer corn consists of whole shelled yellow and white kernels – perfect for attracting deer, wild turkeys, pheasants, wolves, rabbits, coyotes, quail and other critters! It’s also ideal for feeding farm animals like horses and goats. Not only is it nutritious but its strong scent ensures that it won’t go unnoticed.